We clean windows, work safely at height and solve complicated cleaning problems that need specialist equipment to a high standard in Norwich, Norfolk and East Anglia.

Is it difficult? Not especially. You need the right equipment and the right attitude (and sometimes the right weather, you wouldn’t believe how many people think rainclouds follow us around 🙄.) But, some cleaning firms let their companies down either with the standard of their work or by the quality of service they provide.
This is, of course, the section where you’d usually read that unlike anyone else we provide “flexible cleaning solutions”. But that’s boring. And we’ve yet to meet a person that actually speaks like that. For that matter, we’ve yet to meet a customer that doesn’t want or expect professionalism, a helpful, can-do attitude, and completed work that matches what was quoted for.
Seriously, no one wants to pay for a rubbish job.

There’s no reinventing the wheel here. We do a great job. We’ve been cleaning windows at a high level (height, geddit) for over 15 years, and have got all the best gear to do the job in whichever way will get the best results for you.


Need window cleaning or specialist cleaning at your office in Norfolk?

We’re fully qualified to clean at height. We are IPAF licensed, with certifications in Working at Height and Harness Awareness training. There’s no wandering around your premises aimlessly, no shady bloke with a bucket of soapy suds and a rickety old ladder. No fag breaks on your property, no ‘nipping to the wholesalers’ and disappearing for a couple of hours. Just smart, well educated, professional people turning up when you expect them to, working safely, doing a good job, and getting out of your hair quickly.

  • Regular, scheduled or one-off cleans

  • Professional, trained window cleaners

  • Properly insured

  • Established for 15 years

  • Expert advice

  • Family owned, friendly and reliable


“We’ve trusted Clean Norfolk Ltd with window cleaning at our Norwich Head Office since 2015. Ben and the team are reliable and professional, and work to a high standard.” 


Ian Hart, Director, B2B Cashflow Solutions

“Ben’s brilliant cleaners have looked after us in our Norwich office for nearly 10 years. Whatever we need, we trust them to come up with the right solution and they’ve very much become a part of our team.”

Nicola Beevis, HR Manager, The UK Holiday Group

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We clean windows for businesses throughout Norwich, Norfolk and the East of England, but if you’ve got a shiny building further afield (like, say a lovely hotel on the beach in Thailand) we’d be happy to look into it.

Get in touch with a team of experienced Norwich window cleaners for free quotes and expert specialist cleaning advice.