Businesses with big shiny offices need window cleaners that leave clean shiny windows – even on the hard to reach ones.

We provide professional, uncomplicated window cleaning and specialist cleaning services, support facilities managers and leave businesses looking their best.

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Commercial clients across the East of England use us when they need outstanding service and reliable results from a cleaning company that’s:

  • Fully qualified to clean at height
  • Established for 15 years
  • Focussed on Health and Safety
  • Fully insured trained, experienced window cleaners

  • Probably come across your cleaning problem before

  • Family owned and run

  • Made up of nice, friendly people


Granta Park, Cambridge

Located at Granta Park, near Cambridge, Illumina’s prestigious new European HQ is one of the biggest and shiniest building’s we’ve ever cleaned. A state-of-the-art 155,000 square foot office and lab space (not space-lab, although that would be cool) made of glass and steel. We support the FM contractor by scheduling three monthly full site internal and external window cleans, periodic specialist access window cleaning to an enormous glass atrium using a 20 meter tracked boom cherry picker (sometimes known as a ‘spider’) and other external cleaning services like washing down the goods in compound doors. We have no idea what they do on the inside (something with genomes, whatever they are), but we do know that on the outside they need gleaming, spotless windows to keep their beautiful new building looking fabulous in the Cambridgeshire sunshine. And that’s what we do.


Barnham Broom, Norfolk

“I am a Norfolk man and Glory in being so” is a quote attributed to Lord Horatio Nelson. If he’d been talking about us he’d have said, “They’re a Norfolk business and Glory in being so.” We love living and working in our home town (pretty sure we’re the best window cleaners in Norwich and that’s not just the SEO talking). We’re aware that not everyone is so lucky as to live here of course but for visitors, or ‘Furriners’ as people from Norfolk call them, places like HPB Barnham Broom are perfect. They have 39 luxury lodge apartments that overlook two championship quality golf courses borne out of the beautiful Norfolk countryside. Given the spectacular views on offer, their windows have to be perfectly clean all year round. To make this happen, we clean them every two weeks (even the hard to reach Velux windows in the roofs). While we do, we enjoy meeting guests from all over the country, giving them a warm Norfolk welcome (I’m actually from Lincolnshire originally, please don’t tell anyone) and sharing some of the best local spots to visit.

“I use Clean Norfolk Ltd whenever I need window cleaning in Norwich or Norfolk. They’re incredibly reliable and have great, practical ideas when faced with difficult cleaning problems.”  

Julian House, Owner, 20/20 Cleaning Ltd

“Working with Ben makes my job as a contract manager easier. He’s easy to work with and can cope with any window cleaning or high level specialist cleaning job I throw at him. Highly recommended.”

Saeed Arya, Contract Manager, Illumina, Cynergi Cleaning and Support Services Ltd

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We clean windows for businesses throughout Norwich, Norfolk and the East of England, but if you’ve got a shiny building further afield (like, say a lovely hotel on the beach in Thailand) we’d be happy to look into it.

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