We’ll clean your windows so that they’re shiny, not dirty. And if you’ve got something gross in the car park, some slippery green block paving, or a bit of graffiti on your wall that needs removing, we can sort that out too.

“Passionate about window cleaning…” Er, really? It’s pretty hard to be passionate about anything to do with cleaning, to be honest. Except for maybe that moment when the brushes start to spin at top speed in an automatic car wash – now that is exciting.
It’s easier for us to be enthusiastic about the relationships and friendships we’ve built with our clients over the last 15 years. The satisfying part of our job is getting to know the people and the stories behind the gleaming front entrances and spotless office windows.

Any window at any height. (No. Not aeroplane windows in flight. Don’t be silly.)
Internal and external glass
Office partitions
Balustrades and entranceway glass

Pressure washing
External cladding
Cleaning of historic buildings
Chewing gum removal

Fully qualified (IPAF, Working At Height / Harness certificates)
Available as a ‘driver only’ service (We’ll drive the cherry picker for you)
Licensed to drive self-propelled and tracked booms, and scissor lifts (PAL 1B, 3A and 3B)


Which is better, cleaning windows with a water-fed pole or traditional window cleaning?2020-06-11T11:11:27+00:00

For external windows, we almost always use a water-fed pole. Purified water is pumped from a tank in our vans or a small portable trolley to a telescopic, extendable window cleaning pole which has a brush on the end. Our poles are lightweight and easy to handle, and mean we can reach windows up to 60 feet safely from ground level. When used correctly, with the correct purity of water (the water is treated and filtered. It’s so pure you can’t even drink it – no joke, it wouldn’t be any good for you) windows are cleaned to a spotless, streak-free finish. For internal windows, we use the traditional method of window cleaning and window cleaning hand tools like a mop and a squeegee. All our operatives are trained in both methods.

Our windows are pretty high, will you be able to reach them?2020-06-11T11:15:48+00:00

We have water-fed poles (also known as a Reach and Wash system) that can reach up to 60 feet (about 6/7 floors on your typical office building or hotel). For anything higher than that we’re qualified and experienced in using cherry pickers and can even call in the abseilers if required.


Are you the best window cleaners in Norwich?2020-06-11T11:19:00+00:00

C’mon, at least give us some credit for understanding Google 😉. There are lots of good commercial window cleaners in Norfolk, we count some of them as colleagues. We’re confident in our level of experience, ability to do the job you need, and proud of our friendly, can-do attitude. Contact us and find out if we are.

I’ve been told we might need to hire a MEWP. What is that?2020-06-11T11:19:58+00:00

MEWP stands for Mobile Elevating Work Platform. You might know them as Cherry Pickers or Scissor Lifts etc. We’re fully qualified to clean at height and can advise you on which machine will work best for your project. We can also organise hire, and provide a driver if you need one.

How do I choose the right window cleaner?2020-06-14T10:38:46+00:00

Like most buying decisions it usually comes down to price and which one you like the most! We’re not the cheapest, but we’re also definitely not the most expensive.  But you’re here because you don’t want the cheapest. Find out more about this family run expert team of window cleaners and specialist cleaners here

Do you use ladders?2020-06-14T10:39:10+00:00

We’re fully trained to use steps and ladders, but honestly if we can do the job another way we will. Sometimes, using a ladder is still the most practicable way to do the job, but more often than not there’ll be another option which is safer for us and better (potentially) for your insurers.


Need window cleaning or specialist cleaning at your office in Norfolk?

  • Regular, scheduled or one-off cleans

  • Professional, trained window cleaners

  • Properly insured

  •  Established for 15 years

  • Expert advice

  • Family owned, friendly and reliable


“Our customers expect perfection, so knowing that the windows to our offices, apartments and holiday lets are regularly cleaned to a high standard gives me confidence that we’ll make a good first impression with our guests.”


Jack Edwards, Manager, HPB Barnham Broom

“We’re really proud of our offices. We put a lot of effort into refurbishing them and making a great place to work, and Ben puts a lot of effort into keeping them looking their best.”


Frances Kay, Client Services Director, Farnell Clarke

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We clean windows for businesses throughout Norwich, Norfolk and the East of England, but if you’ve got a shiny building further afield (like, say a lovely hotel on the beach in Thailand) we’d be happy to look into it.

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